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Home Fragrance Oil 30ml

Hassett Green’s Home Fragrance Oil has a variety of uses; it can be used to refresh Pot Pourri, Scented Wooden Balls and used in conjunction with Hassett Green Fragrance Oil Burners.
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Fragrance Oil Diffuser Refills

A choice of 15 superior quality fragrances
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Scented Wooden Balls

Scented Wooden Balls an innovative way to fragrance your room, cupboards and drawers. Available in 20 Fragrances.
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Room Sprays 100ml

An ideal way to add a burst of fragrance to any room in the home. Each 100ml Room Spray will give you more than 1000 sprays of premium quality fragrance.
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Fragrance Oil Reed Diffusers

The most elegant and effective way to fragrance your home. These diffusers come with fibre reeds and premium quality fragrance oil for superior and long lasting performance.
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