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Scented Sachet 6-pack

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Hassett Green scented sachets add tantalizing fragrance wherever you need it. Sachets are versatile, able to be used in your drawers, cupboards, car or even vacuum cleaner. This item contains six scented sachets in six feature fragrances.

Hearts & Roses - A sensual, floral fragrance of pink roses, sweet night jasmine and violet

Honeysuckle & Jasmine - An elegant white floral bouquet of exotic honeysuckle entwined with lily and jasmine blossom

Lilac & Lavender - A classic, floral fragrance of lavender entwined with a hint of lilac

Natural Cotton - A soft ­floral fragrance of rose, jasmine and gardenia with notes of bergamot, lemon, apple and pear and accents of pine and soft woods

Sensual Sensuelle - A sensual fragrance of lavender & rose with soft touches of orange lemon and breaths of sandalwood, sweet vanilla and musk